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I am an optimist, until shit hits the fan and then I am a pessimist without even touching the realm of realism.  I have this way of getting stoked about a project, like this, and then some voice from deep dark within place grabs onto my soul for all its worth, strangling, holding me in the keep of non-motivation.  In the fledgling phase of any project this is a death sentence and has almost happened a few times for me here. 

I am a human with a filter issue which many people find amusing and is why it seems appropriate to share some of my thoughts and impressions here.  Because this project is uncharted territory for me, I prefer to keep my identity private for the time being because of the possible ramifications to other aspects of my personal life and that of my child.  Therefore, I would appreciate if we could tap it cool on the personal questions and prying.  If I can make a living at this without concern for the potential impacts then I will explore the option of being more open down the road.  For now, you can call me Lola.  Montez II actually. 

To back up a bit, Lola Montez (or, Eliza Rosanna Gilbert) was an eccentric who did not let her lack of talent get in the way of her goals and aspirations.  By the few accounts I can find on her, she was a beloved dancer and courtesan who moved from Europe to Australia and over to the US.  Likely due to her stark raving lunacy.  The human she was feels like a human I would enjoy getting to know and my admiration her is why I have chosen my pseudonym as the second to her first.  Pseudonym that is.

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