The Dark From the Light: An Overview

Finding the right words here at the outset has been quite a daunting task.  This website is not about hating people for what they believe in, it is not about saying things to hurt other people and it is absolutely not about acting on anything that may written.  The intent is to creatively explore the dark thoughts that pervade in spite of the effort we put into being positive, uplifted human beings.  This is my safe space to be The Dark From the Light.

What does that mean?  We are all intrinsically good people, with the exception of sociopaths and psychopaths and other folks that I do not have the background to identify and make mention of. For the most part, our neighbours intend to live their lives without impacting others.  The problem arises with that word intend.  We rarely consider others in our inward facing lives when rushing around to work, get the kids to school, to programs, home to make dinner, have a bath and then to bed.  We have about an hour’s worth of energy before feeling the need to fall into bed ourselves only to get up the next day and do it all over again.  No wonder we have a hard time thinking beyond ourselves and our nuclear families.  In this state of chronic busy-ness and our lack of collective time we rarely, if ever, find time for mindfulness and being in the moment which is where the good feelings flow from.  Dark thoughts seep in, some more pervasive than others and we find ourselves being angry.  Furious even.

Someone cuts you off in traffic, “What an asshole, I wish I had a bazooka!

A mom at school invites all the kids on the block to a play date except yours, “What a bitch, what is her problem?

Your boss has no filter either and instead of telling you in a calm, professional manner that he or she does not appreciate an email you sent, berates you about the content, “What the fuck is going on with this place?

Many of us carry on our days with anger and resentments that build up over time.  Stress seeps into our being, our very soul and without an outlet, without a purpose, we are walking, driving and even flying seething balls of negative energy.  I do strive for enlightenment, however, I identify as an optimist, inside a realist smothered by pessimism.   I find it difficult to change who I am at the core of my being.  I love the works of the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist way of life resonates with me as a human existing and I love how my demeanour has calmed over the years.  But sometimes, the dark just pours out and many times a day I think, what I call, dark thoughts.

What are dark thoughts, really?  Where do they come from?  From personal experience I know it is possible to begin a positive existence with meditation and breathing, stretching and connecting with my family.  In the western world, it is almost impossible to maintain a mindfulness practice given the demands and the expectation to execute to perfection.  Under stress, my breathing becomes rapid, I forget to drink water, eat lunch and otherwise take care of myself.  I understand the ideal method to handling these physiological changes would be to take some deep breaths, step away from my desk and find an apple to munch on.  However, as unpracticed as I am at mindfulness practice, these moments are where the troubles lie and where dark thoughts begin.  My point to all of this is that it is fine to think that your boss is a jerk or that driver is a maniac, as long as we choose not to act on the deep, dark thoughts we may have.  Rather, turn to a creative outlet.

Sometimes I blurt dark thoughts that I find amusing and depending on the audience, they are well received for the humour intended.  However, there are some people who either refuse to admit that they are struggling and that they too have these moments of weakness or who simply do not have a sense of humour about anything.  Therefore, I have decided that writing should be my outlet for many of the topics that come to mind and this is where you will be able to find it.

I am working on self-publishing an erotic short story compilation and am very close to its completion; just working out the details of the editing and layout.  In the meantime, I will provide a free sampling of my work in the form of a short story that has no erotic content but is dark nonetheless.

Thank you for happening across my website, I hope you enjoy it

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